This class is not currently running.

Yoga and climbing are perfect comrades. A steady and calm mind are fundamental for both. The practice of Yoga develops clarity, strength (physical and mental) flexibility, a calmer mind & a more precise and subtle awareness of the body.

Yoga for climbers is a class specifically catered for climbers. Open to all abilities, this class will reinforce body-mind connection and aid climbers with their training.  The focus is on building core strength and opening areas of the body that are put under strain during climbing, such as the hips, shoulders, neck and back. The class will help prevent cramps, release tension, develop mindfulness and clarity, promote balance and self awareness of the body. There will be an emphasis on the breath, subtle bodily awareness, meditation and rehabilitation whilst acquiring acceptance and contentment with an open mind.

Please book online for all Yoga For Climbers classes as they do fill up. Please click 'book a class' at the top of the page which will take you through to the booking page. 

Venue addresses:

Bristol Movement Space: 301 Church Road (corner of St George's Park) Bs5 8AA

Redpoint Climbing Centre: 40 Winterstoke Road, Bs3 2NW


All classes are available for MoveGB participants. Cost: £7 drop in or £35 for a 6 class pass (valid for 8 weeks)