Yoga therapy is the tailored application of Yoga techniques to fit the current needs and interests of the individual. It is a self-empowering process, as you will be prescribed a specific practice to suit your needs. This is your personal practise to do by yourself, and to enable positive changes to happen, a commitment is necessary to practice on a regular basis. The practice will develop and grows as the individual does. 

Yoga Therapy is an integrated mind-body approach for restoring balance and adaptive functioning to the physical, physiological, and mental/emotional systems. Different techniques are focussed on, depending on the clients objective, they include: Pranayama (breathing practices), Asana (physical postures) and Meditation (quieting the mind).

Yoga therapy may be used to: reduce symptoms of illness or injury; reduce physical and mental suffering; support with dealing with life threatening or debilitating disease; establish more functional breath and movement patterns and improve quality of life. It is a complimentary therapy, not only beneficial for those with a specific problem, but also those new to Yoga who would like an introduction and those more experienced Yoga practitioners wanting to deepen their practice.

The prices are currently:

$70 per session. First session 75 minutes. Thereafter they are 60 minutes.

To establish your practice, and for us to find one that really suits your current needs, block booking is recommended. There is a special rate of $180 for 3 sessions to help encourage this.