Yoga for Bikers is a class specifically catered for Bikers. Open to all abilities, this class will reinforce body-mind connection and aid bikers with their training. 

The focus is on building core strength and opening areas of the body that are notoriously put under strain during biking, such as the hips, hamstrings, quads and gluts. This class is ideally 'prehab' rather than rehab, with the aim on preventing injuries occurring. 

The class can help prevent cramps, release tension (especially in the back and neck) develop mindfulness and clarity, stretch and release overly tight areas, as well as promote balance and self awareness of the body. There will be an emphasis on the breath (to develop breath efficiency), subtle bodily awareness, meditation and rehabilitation whilst acquiring acceptance and contentment with an open mind. 

Class costs: $72 for a 6 class pass (to be used within 10 wks) Drop in $15

Classes are on a first come first serve basis.

Equipment is provided but you're welcome to bring your own mat if you have one.

Venue address:

Wellness Movement, 1st Floor, 121 Trafalgar Street, Nelson. Studios upstairs, corner of Trafalgar & New Street (entrance off New St)


I was referred to Naomi’s classes from my physio, being a keen mountain biker I was often dealing with lower back pain and other niggles/injuries as a lot of riders do! Naomi is an amazing, kind and patient teacher and really knows which areas of the body to target. I am now experiencing much less pain and can recover faster, which means I can ride more! I look forward to the weekly sessions with Naomi as a real treat for the body and always leave feeling so good after each class. Yoga has been a fantastic addition to my training for an upcoming MTB trip to ride and race in Canada, and is something I now value greatly and will definitely continue doing.
— Jo Perrot, nelson mountain biker