The beginning of Spring is a fantastic time to unwind from all the stresses and strains from Winter. It's like a Spring clean! Investing the time on yourself to find stillness within the body and mind will leave you feeling light, refreshed and more in touch with your true nature. This retreat will appeal to those who aspire to get more out of themselves.  It will be filled with wholesome practices for relaxing the body, releasing tension and to uncoil and let go of stress built up from everyday living. The weekend will be beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or Yoga experience. The focus will be on gentle, mindful mobilisation and stretching to relieve physical stiffness and tightness, along with restorative and rejuvenating practices to bring peace to the body and mind. Yoga Asana (postures) pranayama (breathing) and meditation are proven to have a profound positive effect on our nervous system. This system of our body is often put under huge strain from our modern daily lives; busyness and stress being the main culprit. Learning to relax, soften and let go of the tension held prevents dis-ease in the body. 

Host couple Naomi and Joe Dakin will welcome you at the stunning grade II listed manor house, Stanton Guildhouse. The house sits above the picturesque village of Stanton, overlooking the green rolling hills of the Cotswolds. The atmosphere of the house and grounds ooze peace and tranquility. A perfect space to wonder around the garden, snuggle by the fire with a book, drink tea (and cake) on the patio, and go for a walk to reflect over the weekend. 

FOOD glorious FOOD

                                                  "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

                                                   Virginia Wolf

We believe good food; lovingly prepared and ethically sourced, to be integral to health and happiness. Joe's passion for preparing delicious, innovative dishes from fine ingredients is evident in all his creations. His in depth training at Ballymoleo Cookery School in Ireland, along with his experience as a private yacht chef and working at The Ethicurean (voted 2nd best restaurant in The Times) add to his already innate skill to satisfy palates with simple, quality ingredients.

We won't be serving alcohol during the retreat. Please feel free to bring some wine if you so wish to drink on Saturday evening. (Friday evening's meal will be followed by a Yoga Nidra practice, which is more beneficial if no alcohol is taken before hand) 

Room options

There are a range of room and price options to cater for all. They are as follows:

£260 for a shared twin room

£290 for a large twin room with a sofa

£340 for a single room to yourself

These prices include all Yoga sessions, all food and hot beverages (decent coffee and a wide selection of teas)


Places for this retreat are limited to 10 people, so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. To secure your place a £100 deposit is required. The remaining cost is to be paid 2 weeks before the retreat, by the 18th March.

Please contact me for a booking form and I will forward bank details for a transfer.


07541 275890

Bits and Bobs

All Yoga mats and equipment will be provided. Please bring blankets x2 for the restorative practices, and comfy clothing you can move in. Slippers are advisable, along with a good book and maybe crochet/knitting if that's your thing. Head torch/torch might be useful for nighttime reading, and your own eye mask if you have one. If you fancy some walks bring along your walking boots or wellies, and appropriate outdoor gear!


A vague outline of the weekend


Arrive after 4.30pm ~ Tea & Cake. Settle into rooms, unpack

6pm-7.15pm ~ Gentle evening Yoga practice

7.30pm ~ 3 course Dinner

9.30pm Introduction to Yoga Nidra

10.30pm Retire to room *


7.30pm-8.15am ~ Energising morning Yoga practice

8.30am ~ Wholesome breakfast


12pm ~ Yoga Nidra

12.45pm ~ Hearty Lunch


5pm-7pm ~ Restorative evening Yoga practice

7.30pm ~ 3 Course Dinner

10.30pm Retire to room *


8am-9.15am Energising morning Yoga

9.30am ~ Cooked Sunday breaky


12pm ~ Yoga Nidra

12.45pm ~ Light Lunch



*In order to reflect the restful nature of the weekend, we suggest everyone goes to bed at a reasonable time. Feel free to read, but please be mindful of others trying to sleep.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely. It has stemmed from the Iyengar tradition, and is a form of therapeutic healing. I was lucky enough to train with the pioneer of Restorative Yoga in the West, Judith Lasater, and here's what she's says about it:

"During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefitted, and a few of the measurable results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure, serum triglycerides and blood sugar levels in the blood, the increase of the "good cholesterol" levels, as well as improvement in digestion, fertility, elimination, the reduction of muscular tension, insomnia and generalised fatigue."

We will be using props, like bolsters and straps, to support the body in postures that allow softening and tension to release. The mind will follow suit, once the body is relaxed, and practitioners often come to a meditative state.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation and mind-body therapy. It is a guided relaxation technique, done in a lying position. Practitioners say that it often brings immediate physical benefits, such as reduced stress and better sleep, and that it has the potential to heal psychological wounds. Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It leads awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight. It can be done at any time of the day, a perfect time being before or during an afternoon lull.